Airbrush Makeup Application

Performed by our certified airbrush artists, the airbrush makeup application creates a naturally flawless and incredibly smooth finish on the skin, even under the lens of high definition cameras. Applied as a fine mist, our water-based airbrushed makeup lands in micro-droplets on the surface of the skin, creating a seamless and even look that feels incredibly lightweight and erases imperfections. The formula is hydrating, long-wear, and transfer resistant, perfect for any special event. Airbrushing is also an effective way to cover tattoos and scars, and, because colours can be mixed, provides a perfect skin match. Perfect for all skin types (including sensitive and oily skin), airbrushing is incredibly hygienic and non-irritant.

What can be airbrushed?

Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and highliter, along with definition of the eye, face, and collar

Airbrushed Foundation followed with
traditional makeup application
45 min, $70

Full Face Airbrush Application 1hr, $80

Bridal Airbrush Application 1hr 15min $100 (no trial) - $185 (includes trial)